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Wax Melts Burners safety tips

1) Ensure that whilst heat is being applied from below, there is sufficient oil or wax in the glass dish at ALL times. Heating the bowl from below whilst there is no oil/wax in it could cause the bowl or dish to crack, as there is nothing absorbing the heat.

2) Ensure that you use a good quality tealight. Poorer quality tealights with high soot content can impair the heat exchange of your burner.

3) Ensure the tealight flame does not come into direct contact with the bottom of the bowl or dish.

4) Similarly to the point above, you MUST always use an appropriate size tealight for the size of the burner. For example, a small tealight in a large burner may not sufficiently melt the wax. More importantly however, a larger tealight in a small burner can mean that the naked flame is too close to the bottom of the bowl / dish, and this (as stated above) must be avoided, as it can cause the bowl or dish to crack.

5) Never move the oil burner whilst the tealight is lit, or while the wax is hot (liquid)

6) Always place your burner on a heatproof and fireproof surface.

7) Never use sharp or metallic objects (such as knives) to remove used wax, as this could scratch or damage the bowl, and potentially weaken it's structure, risking breakage when next used. We recommend applying a small amount of heat to loosen any solidified wax, and then popping the wax block out of the bowl using gentle pressure and a soft cloth or tissue.

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